Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Please check out these BEKY Books!



The BEKY Books series is designed to encourage and invite the curious to 
explore the topics for which they typically would like to have more information.
 It is a series designed to INVITE and ENCOURAGE learners with a simple
 presentation of the truth of the Scriptures.

The books are designed for middle school to high school reading levels,
 so they are appropriate for homeschoolers. Each booklet contains a glossary
 and Study Review Questions that encourage the reader to internalize the important concepts.
Booklets are around 30 printed pages, although some are a bit more. BEKY Books
 are a great addition to congregational libraries, and they are an inexpensive resource
 to welcome visitors. 

The Fall Feasts!

Soon it will be time, once again, for the Fall Feasts!  The Spring Feasts were fulfilled with Yahshua's first coming.  The Fall Feasts are yet to be fulfilled when He returns. We are following the calendar this year that added a 13th month because of the state of the barley.  We wish everyone blessings for following whatever schedule their study led them to observe this year. In our estimation, it is better to study and observe than not to study and not observe!  Thankfully, when Messiah returns, we will all be on the same calendar!
The first feast will be Trumpets and without the benefit of seeing the moon in Jerusalem, that is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 3rd.  Atonement is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 12th and Sukkot is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 17th-23, with the Last Great Day falling on Oct. 24th.