Sunday, March 2, 2014

The new moon was NOT seen in Israel
Today at 11:50 AM
Based on observers who have reported in so far, the new moon was NOT seen in Israel due to fog and dust clouds covering the Land.

Unless we get more reports telling us it was sighted, the new moon of the Thirteenth Biblical Month will be March 3, 2014 at sunset, by default.

Thanks to everyone named and unnamed who are so faithful to Yehovah's instructions! We depend on you so much!!

We greatly appreciate the financial help to cover the costs of the Aviv search!!  You can still donate to the bills yet to come in for the Aviv search through donate buttons on
And also through Nehemia's foundation
Again, you are greatly appreciated and we could not do it without you!!

Devorah Daniel in Texas, reporting for Nehemia Gordon who is the wandering Jew in China

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