Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Moon of the 7th month sighted!

Moadim le-Simchah!

The new moon has been sighted in the Land of Israel! 

September 7th at sunset begins the first day of the seventh Biblical month AND Yom Teruah!! 

The moon was sighted by Yoel Halevi from Israel at 6:59pm See his picture here:

Nehemia Gordon's nephew took this photo of the new moon Saturday evening from Alon, Israel

Arie Levi saw the Moon at Yaffa Gate, 6:57pm September 7th and other witnesses.

Thank you moon sighters for your diligence and pictures!!

You can follow the Fall moadim instructions in Leviticus chapter 23: beginning in verse 23 to 43

Yom Kippur will begin at sunset September 16th to sunset Sept 17th

Sukkot will begin at sunset Sept 21st and go to sunset September 29th.

Moadim le-Simcah!

Devorah Daniel reporting for Nehemia Gordon