Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Moon not seen Tues. 24th in Jerusalem

Karaite Korner Newsletter #543

New Moon Report
January 2012
Eleventh Biblical Month

On Tuesday January 24, 2012 observers looked for the new moon from Jerusalem but the horizon was covered with heavy clouds and it was not sighted. The moon should have been easily visible had there been no clouds. 

Nehemia Gordon
Jerusalem, Israel

Monday, January 23, 2012

Services Feb. 18th Sabbath 2012

You are invited to services on Sabbath Feb. 18th 2012 at the Millerstown Community Center from 2-6pm.  Since we will not be meeting again until after Purim in March (Purim falls on sundown March 7th and we are meeting at the Grange on March 10th that month) we will be studying the book of Esther this month.  We are asking that everyone who would like to, please bring items to fill a basket with (for example, canned foods, crackers, hard candies, tooth brush, lap blanket, soap, gift cards to Giant or Weis, etc.) and we will have baskets avail to be filled.  Once filled, we will deliver to the Newport Sr. Citizens organization on Thurs. March 8th (sorry, Purim starts at sundown the 7th my bad :) with instructions to please hand out to widows/poor in the organization.  If you would like to make a card to go with it, that would be wonderful.  The baskets are just regular sized, so we will fit as much into each one as we can and make more if there are any items left over.  Please bring a kosher dish to share if you like, also.