Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Final Info for FOT Loysville, PA 2011

Feast of Tabernacles 2011
  Well, it is hard to believe that this will be our final email about information for the Feast of Tabernacles!  As you know, we will be hosting Yahweh’s Feast of Tabernacles this year at the Paradise Stream Family Campground, in Loysville, PA.  Our family will be setting up on Thursday, October 13th and leaving on Sunday October 23rd.
This will be a personal responsibility feast.  Each family should bring enough food and place settings for their family.  We will try to meet together as often as we can for corporate meals, with each household bringing a dish to share, and their own place settings, especially for lunch on the High Days.
All activities scheduled are completely voluntary.
Each head of household is welcome to bring their teachings, and family members any specials, talents, etc. This is Yahweh’s Feast, and all are welcome.
 Please note, there are two double Sabbaths.  Preparation day for them will be on Thurs., and the schedule will be light on Thurs. so that everyone can make their own preparations. (*This reminder is for those observing the Jerusalem sighting of the new moon - if you are on a different calendar, please plan accordingly)
There is a camp store, a laundry room and bath/shower facilities on the premises.  The mini golf should be open.  The pool will be closed, but if it is warm enough to swim, there is a creek to swim/wade in. There is a play ground, a game room, and a stocked lake with peddle boats.
This is what the schedule looks like.
Some early birds will be arriving on Wed the 12th :)
Thurs. the 13th: Set up
Friday the 14th, The First High Day  Services at 10am and 2pm  Dance praise and worship, specials, etc. Fellowship lunch meal together.
Sat. the 15th Sabbath - Services at 10am  and 2pm. Dance, praise and worship, specials, etc. Fellowship lunch meal together.
Sat. the 15th Sabbath, after sunset there will be a Youth Gathering at Shanna and James’ tent site.
Sun. the 16th thru Wed. the 19th: We are doing a little something different this year and are offering optional workshops on preparation.  We have 8 slots set aside for them. Please meet on the porch of the camp store for all workshops at the appointed time and we will proceed to workshop location from there.
The schedule is as follows:
Sunday October 16th from 10:30am to 12:00noon Kristie Grier Soap Making
Sunday October 16th at 1:00pm. Paul  Advanced Medical Training
Monday, October 17th at 10am Dave, Patton and Karl Laverty Land Navigation/Map & Compass Course will also be held after the sun goes down for Night Land Navigation.
Monday October 17th at 1:00pm diane laverty and Shanna  Edible Food Walk
Tuesday October 18th at 10:00am Diane Laverty Intro to Canning, both pressure and water bath.
Tuesday October 18th at 1:00pm David Laverty Food Storage
Wednesday October 19th at 10:00am Diane Laverty Raw Food Preparation
Wednesday October 19th at 1:00pm  Angie Holliday Making Yarn with Plastic Bags
If you aren’t interested in attending the workshops, or only want to attend select workshops, Scripture study should be available to alternately attend or of course, free time.
 Activities are also scheduled for the children including arts and crafts.  Monday at 1pm and Tues at 1:00 pm children that wish to participate may meet on the steps of the camp store porch.  Other craft times will be announced. Parents may stay or drop children off. (any help is welcome :)  
Monday Oct. 17th Shanna and James are hosting the Talent Show from 7-8pm or later.  Anyone can sign up to share their talents!
Wed. the 19th at 7pm: Market Place night.  If you have any crafts to sell, this is the night to do that!  We have crocheted hats, baby nursing aprons, soaps, scrubs, jewelry and more already scheduled for your feast shopping pleasure! Please bring some money to make change with if you are going to be a vendor
Thurs. the 20th: Light schedule for preparation day, and after a satisfying preparation day, will be the Women’s group fellowship at 7pm - join us for fellowship and chocolate!
Fri. the 21st Last Great Day of the Feast- High Day.  Services at 10am and 2pm. Praise worship dance, specials, etc. Fellowship lunch meal together.
Sat. 22nd: Sabbath  Services at 10am and 2pm, Praise worship, dance, specials, Fellowship lunch meal together.
Sun. 23rd Tear Down.  
If  you will be just visiting for the day, there is a 5.00 charge to enter the campground and use the facilities, per person over age 12.

If you have any questions, please email or call 717-567-3386 or 717-319-3997  email
When making reservations at the campground, please tell them you are with the group Yahweh’s Newport Assembly for the discount. The phone number for the campground is 717-789-2117.  This is the link:
The Laverty Family