Friday, February 11, 2011

Looking forward

It has been a while since we posted. In the winter we do "Scriptural Maintenance." Kind of like when farmers spend time repairing equipment and planning things for the spring, during the cold winter months when not much physical labor can be done outside. We are looking forward to Yahweh's New Year and the regrowth that comes with it, the fruitfulness and the hopefulness. We are looking forward to the messengers doing a good work in Israel looking for the ripe barley. If you would like to contribute to the search, here is the information:

Karaite Korner Newsletter] #493: Upcoming Aviv Search and Biblical Holidays...


Karaite Korner Newsletter #493

Upcoming Aviv Search and Biblical Holidays

This year's Aviv Search will take place March 4th and 6th, the last two days of the 12th Biblical Month. The examination of the barley throughout the Land of Israel will determine whether the new biblical year will begin at sunset on March 6 or sunset on April 4. Here are the possible dates for Chag HaMatzot (Feast of Unleavened Bread) depending on whether or not the barley is Aviv by the end of the 12th Biblical Month:

*If we find Aviv by March 6, Chag HaMatzot will be March 20 at sunset through March 27 at sunset.

*If we don't find Aviv by March 6, Chag HaMatzot will be April 18 at sunset through April 25 at sunset.

The potential dates of all the biblical holidays for the year and expected sightings of new moons are posted here:

We need your help to carry out the Aviv Search. It is a costly undertaking. Please support this work by sending a check to:

Makor Hebrew Foundation, POB 13, Mansfield TX 76063

You can also support the Aviv Search online by clicking on the "donate" button at:

To learn more about Aviv Barley in the Bible please visit:

Many people have asked me to predict whether or not we will find Aviv by March 6. The real answer is that I don't know. March 6 is early in the solar year but it is still possible. Israel has had little rain this year which could make the barley become Aviv later rather than earlier. The bottom line is there are too many factors to predict when the barley will ripen. It is largely dependent on weather which no one can predict past next week let alone a month from now. We will just have to "observe the Month of the Aviv" as Scripture commands (Dt 16:1).Nehemia Gordon Jerusalem, Israel