Friday, May 14, 2010

Shavuot Schedule 5-23-10

Shalom! This is our formal schedule for Shavuot in Liverpool, PA at the FerryBoat Campground. We will arrive at the campground on Friday after 3pm (we may not be there until after 5pm though) on May 21st for set up. On Sabbath May 22nd we will meet together in the pavillion on the left side in Defiance Court at 1pm for Services. Any head of household with a study or article or information to share may do so. Anyone who would like to offer a special offering of song, prayer, poem, testimony, etc. young or old, male or female may also do so. We will eat a corporate meal together for supper in the pavillion after services. We will meet again on 1st Day, May 23rd at 1:00pm in the pavillion for Services and the same information for Sabbath applies. About 3pm we will make our way on Rte 34 to the Juniata river, 23 Juniata Pkwy West for those who would like to be baptized in the Juniata on Shavuot. We have two people signed up at this time. We will then return to the campground for another corporate meal and will stay until sunset, at which time our family will tear down and return home. For more information call Dave at 717-567-3386

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