Monday, December 21, 2009

Complicated season..........

Only 4 more days, or, about 96 more hours and another year of having to explain why we don't want to have a merry christ's mass will be over.......and it isn't because we don't think this nation was founded as a quote-unquote christian many people are foot stompin mad about the whole "Happy Holidays" thing and they are scripturally on slippery footing in the very first place.....what a mess........Even if we reply that we observe Hanukkah which is found in John 10:22, it still doesn't address the fact that Yahshua's birth did not take place on Dec. 25th! They can avoid a debate or even an influx of knowledge by only having 2 seconds to wish someone something that is not scripturally acceptable, and it would take at least 5 minutes to only briefly explain why.......not everyone who doesn't want to have a merry christmas is an anti-messiah!

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