Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Feast Site in Liverpool, PA Ferry Boat Campground

A Feast Site is being coordinated in Liverpool PA at the Ferry Boat Campground on Rtes 11/15 For October 5th thru the 12th, starting at sundown on the 4th and ending at sundown on the 12th.
The Jerusalem sighting for the Feast is projected for October 5th - 12th. We will be setting up an 18x30foot meeting tent with a stove jack for corporate use with a 10x10kitchen addition that will have a propane grill stove inside.
This being Yahweh's Feast, it will be organized and coordinated by the Heads of Household. All situations and any problems will also be addressed by the Heads of House. No one person will be "in charge or control" of this Feast. Our family is only doing what is necessary to "basically" prepare for the keeping of the Feast at this site. There will be an organizational meeting 1st day evening (sun.), after set up, with a sign up sheet for speakers, events, etc.
The general meeting area will be in the primitive tent site area. Everyone is to make their own reservations at the campground, and be responsible for their own food, water, families, etc. If we have corporate meals, they will be "bring a dish" style, unless people volunteer to organize a group dinner. Please bring your own chairs for the meeting tent. Our family will only be supplying 4 tables, so if you have one you can bring, that would be appreciated.
This is a personal responsibility Feast.
Here is the website for the campground.

There is a motel not far from the Feast site callled the StarDust Motel: 717-834-9883 or 717-834-3191

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