Monday, April 13, 2009

Malchus' Ear

Did you see the Mel Gibson movie The Passion? We will focus on just one part we found scripturally deviant for right now. During the “ear removal” scene, they did not do justice to the text and they lost an opportunity to “get it right”…..In the movie, Yahshua told Peter two or three times to “drop the knife”…..we know Yahshua really told him (in John 18:11) to “return it to his sheath“ (it being a sword, not a knife)….So, why does this make a difference? Because you can’t tell the Bible what you want it to say, or to change it, to say what you “think” it is saying. When Mr. Gibson allowed this, we believe his intention was good, and we believe he was trying to show Yahshua wanted “peace, not war” so to speak….but we believe there was significantly more to it than that. The man’s ear that Peter cut off was the High Priest’s servant. (His “representative” so to speak), when Peter cut his ear off, we think it represented that the High Priest had “No ear to hear”. (Luke 22:51)Yahshua then restored it to the man. We think that He did that because he was not the High Priest, only his representative, and of course, they couldn’t waltz into the Temple and shed the High Priests’ blood inside like that, so this act and restoration fit the bill. Then Yahshua told Peter to put the sword back in its sheath, not, “to drop it”. This particular wording can be traced back to Chapter 21 in Ezekiel.
The servant’s name was Malchus and in Hebrew the name means- King, to reign, ascend the throne, to induct into royalty to take counsel begin to make to reign, rule surely. We think that this means that there in the garden, the stage was being set to physically show the transfer of the authority of the earthly High Priest at the time, to Yahshua, the Real High Priest. When Yahshua said to Peter then, “put your sword back in its sheath, shall I not drink from this cup?” He was in effect saying, yes, you know that is what it says in Ezekiel, but now, some things will be changed by my death. Yahshua did not come at that time to conquer and reign on earth. Peter was “jumping the gun” so to speak. Yahshua was there to be the “suffering servant” at that time.
We were disappointed Mr. Gibson did not stick to the text in certain places. Yes, we realize he was taking artistic license most of the time, but when dealing with the words of the Bible, we believe one can not be too careful. This study is by no means exhaustive, obviously, and we have a lot more to study about it, especially the book of Ezekiel where the “return the sword to its sheath” verse originates. But, we wanted to post it as food for thought! See what you learn when you re read that verse, you may notice something else that we haven’t yet!
So much to study, so little time!
The Laverty family

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